Company Profile


  • 700+ Skilled & Professional Workforce
  • 6.5+ Million Man Hours of Experience in Logistics


  • 200+ MNCs and 50+ Indian Companies
  • 60%of Our Customers are with us for more than 15-20 years


  • Growing Profits due to Organic Growth in Service Portfolio
  • 0 Debt Company with Strong & Easily Accessible credit lines



  • 65,000 TEUs handled annually
  • 30,000 jobs managed monthly
  • 7,50,000+ tons of cargo managed monthly across the country
  • 3,00,000 square feet captive space for warehousing



To forge lasting client relationships based on a trust to provide premium expertise, responsive & transparent client service coupled with strong timely execution.


To be the provider of choice and a one-stop shop for all logistics needs including access to a full product suite that can be tightly integrated into a fully tailored solution and has a global reach.



Kirti Davada.

CMD, Babaji Shivram Clearing and Carriers Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Patron,

It has been a long and enriching journey of dedicated service nearing four decades in the logistics field.

In all this time, we have interacted and dealt with a myriad of clients and serviced their thousands of requirements. Our dealings are transparent and we work in tandem with our customers, thus functioning together as a team and a unit to accomplish small or bigger goals. It is our endeavor to not just ensure that we execute their needs but also in a way that they feel completely safe and secure in our hands.

Our staff lays great emphasis on acquiring expertise yet is always on their toes to learning new ways and means of executing services.We are also thankful to our vendors for their seamless support.With constant investments in intellect grooming, resource planning, and technology and working towards a strong partnership with vendors we aim to raise the customer delight benchmark.

I thank each and every esteemed customer for their consistent support and encouragement in enabling Babaji Shivram to acquire a BRAND status distinguishable for the quality of services offered and the efficacy of the solutions configured. It is not an exaggeration to state that it is our customers who have made what Babaji Shivram is today.

May I in grateful acknowledgement of what you have given to Babaji Shivram commit that we shall live up to our vision statement and hope to share with our new endeavors and successes.

OUR corporate image


Like a jigsaw puzzle, any logistics solution is the sum of tedious fit. Every client is unique. Needs vary from one industry to another. A solution that maybe a ground breaker for company may not bring about the same results elsewhere.

We carefully comprehend our customers needs and design solutions and services customized to cater specifically to them. Our customers are our highest priority. We feel, we have delivered, if our clients feel a sense of satisfaction.

The two jigsaw pieces in the Brand Image represent Babaji Shivram’s Core Culture of perfect synchronisation – Customization coupled with great Customer Care. The orange jigsaw piece (representing Customised Expert Solutions) fits exactly with the pink jigsaw piece (representing great Customer Care), symbolising the perfect solution from Babaji Shivram, rightly aligned to the requirement of the client.

OUR Affiliations

Babaji Shivram has always been conscientious to comply with the norms and rules of safety, security and quality control. It is our privilege to be associated with the lawmakers and policy development panels who lay down the best practices for our business. In our attempt to be a leader in logistics domain, we wish to operate by the rulebook; stand by the world’s most reputed professional organizations that officially confirm that Babaji Shivram meets all the desired standards. We are one of the few organizations to implement ISO 9001:2008 and an OHSAS 18001:2007 certification.

Babaji Shivram is affiliated, endorsed and certified with the following organizations and professional bodies: