High-Performance Equipment accompanied with Specialized Labour

In these dire moments, we have supported and resourced our clients with equipment to deliver their objective. Our very own fleet of heavy machinery and a standby set of more than 250 trusted & certified equipment providers, aid our customers with thoroughgoing logistical solutions; from last minute orders to planned projects. Our equipment is HSE compliant and fitted with lifting gears controlled by a faculty of trained operators. A designated team performs maintenance regularly and inspects the safety of the equipment, thoroughly. So, when it comes to handling equipment, trust us to lift your weight.

Equipment Hire


3PL Logistical Solutions : Assembling a major plant in Barmer, India

A petrochemical industry giant trusted Babaji Shivram to import an entire plant’s setup equipment from Daqing, China to Barmer, India and complete its construction process over the span of 90 days. This task encompassed booking the freight from China to India, custom clearance at both ports, transportation, material handling and most importantly, assembly of the equipment.

We assembled a project administration team consisting of our finest managers who oversaw the entirety of the operation. Beginning with custom clearance, the schematics of the the machinery, to be imported, were studied thoroughly to avoid redundant paperwork and lower costs. We filed and received clearance for all equipment within just 2 days.

Moving onto intercarting (moving of goods inside the port), the under-hook delivery method was used to move goods from the vessel directly onto the trailer. Estimating the costs, we chartered a shipboard crane to load the packages onto the trailers as it rivals the higher costs of hiring a ship and a crane, separately.

Lastly, the most challenging task was to assemble the equipment. Our technical and safety-compliant team ensured to put together the plant in a short period of time resulting in quick operations to begin for our customer.