Connecting the World on an Industrial Scale

Our experts ensure fast and smooth shipment of goods around the globe and with an established network of global partners, we can deliver your shipment with utmost ease. Our highly proficient cadre always ensure systematic and error-free documentation avoiding any misfiling that may incurs penalties. Babaji Shivram guarantees to have your package reach the right place at the right time, always.

Freight Forwarding


Supply Chain Management for a global retail brand from China to India

We set up a global fashion brand and its supply chain in India utilizing 4PL logistics services and techniques. Beginning from China, we arranged for product movement from supplier to retail-end of the client in India. As our customer places an order with its supplier in China, using our consultancy and resourcing, we ensure that the end-to-end process is seamlessly managed and delivered on.

With the purchase order placed, we conduct a pre-shipment checklist with the supplier. We manage all shipments with a comprehensive research into type, size and quantity of containers required for an economical shipment. The incoming container is sent to their factory where stuffing takes place then we recheck the stock against the style code and dispatch the shipment to the port. Export formalities and damage prevention surveys are conducted to ensure there are no information misfiling or safety breaches could damage the garments. Once the shipment arrives in India, we clear custom, label and store the goods until our client sends a request for the last-mile delivery.

Without our team of experienced professionals specialised in coordination and execution, managing this complex supply chain would have been challenging. Understanding the drastic effects of seasonality on the sale of products, the volatile environment of the retail industry and the pressures of customer satisfaction that our client seek to provide their shoppers with, we customized the systems to accommodate all their needs. We tend to our client needs just as they tend to their patrons.