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In its duration, Babaji Shivram has helped establish multiple MNCs in India during the privatization period, and with each new customer, a new experience is added to our portfolio. We have the knowledge and expertise as we handle the largest number of break bulk vessels per month at the hub port JNPT by providing cost-effective, time sensitive and QHSE compliant solutions to our customers.

We have expanded our value added services ranging from Custom Clearance to Vessel Handling, Shore Base Management and Crew Management. Our subsidiary firm, Davada Realties, has provided establishment, accommodation & amenities and site management to numerous sites, resolving their search for a complete range of services.

Marine Logistics


Re-export to Import to Maintenance Services of an Offshore Rig: All Under One Roof

One of the leading provider of offshore drilling units serving the oil and gas industry needed to re-export its rig from Mumbai to Dubai Port and complete its mandatory every 3 monthly maintenance. With specialization, expertise and experience in the field of marine logistics, they decided to hire Babaji Shivram.

After handing over the project, Babaji Shivram’s marine team exceeded expectations to
research the cost of services, feasibility and safety aspects of the movement. We concluded, to immediately re-export the rig to avoid the rough sea as monsoon season was approaching soon. However, as weather can never be predicted , monsoon hit sooner than expected.

The quick action plan formulated, consisted of the rig to be imported again into national territory, then towed using a tug vessel to Jaigarh Port. Having an insight into maintenance rates across different ports, we suggested our client to operate from Jaigarh instead of major ports such as Mumbai or Dubai; reducing expenses for the project.Once in Jaigarh, we continued to provide Bunkering Solutions, completed sign in & sign off procedures within one day approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs and custom cleared and transported the materials required for the rig at Mumbai Port.

With a combination of safety, expertise and knowledge we fetch the most cost-effective solution to our client.


Building new roads to deliver a Drilling Rig: Bridging Performance with Excellence

When one of the world’s largest multinational petrochemical service company requires reliable logistical support to overlook the mobilization and demobilization of a drilling rig, they trust our capabilities to get the job done.

The task was to execute the freight forwarding, custom clearance and transportation for a drilling rig. Our Marine Team, conducted cost analysis & road surveys, studied the equipment and machinery being imported and notified all other inter-departments teams. A timeline was prepared to keep track of each document submission to avoid any confusion and allow smooth transition of the cargo.

When the cargo arrived at the port, Babaji Shivram managed to obtain custom clearance within 24 hours and thus keeping the cost at the bare minimum. Moving forward, during road surveys, it was observed that the route consisted of narrow roads, which reduced the turning radius, and there were patches of soil-gravel roads. This major issue was resolved by Davada Realities and our engineering team, who constructed a road for the patches and trained the driver to safely turn the vehicle.

Lastly, while studying the dimensions of the cargo, it was noticed that the height of the cargo would interfere with surrounding environment , thus the locals of the village had to be notified and permissions had to be taken. Over the two years of having seen and faced multiple challenges, Babaji Shivram, as a logistics partner, ensured to treat each problem with a unique and customized solution.