Transporting Joy While Delivering Surety

Irrespective of the size of the package or the distance to the destination, your package will reach safely and on time. Our expertise and experience will put together customized solutions unique to your package. Along with consultancy, our convoy of trucks and vehicles and network of certified carrier partners will give you a competitive advantage over others. Lastly, having access to our GPS tracking system at your fingertips, you will never need to worry about the status of your cargo.



From Dismantling an Entire Plant in India to Assembling One in Indonesia: We’ve done it all

One of the leading supplier of tubes for the world’s energy industry requested to dismantle its current plant located in Maharashtra, India and reassemble it in Indonesia.
They were looking for a one stop shop vendor with the expertise to handle their delicate machinery combined with the knowledge of logistics to achieve their end goal; drawing their attention to Babaji Shivram.

To handle this project, we deployed a team of experts to study the machinery’s dismantling and assembly procedure while keeping the safety protocols in mind. The challenge was to ensure to dismantle, shift, pack, load and transport the machines without affecting their calibration. Our core team bifurcated a construction, fabrication, electrical and mechanical team to ensure all aspects would be covered and avoid any errors in this sensitive process. With precaution and safety, we completed the task and once again served our clients to the best of our capabilities.


ODC movement from Mumbai To Kota in 7 days

When one of the largest fertilizer producer’s supply chain comes to a halt, Babaji Shivram is appointed to expedite the transportation of their material. An Over-Dimensional Consignment (ODC) movement, weighing 94 metric tons, had to be transported from Mumbai to Kota within 7 days. As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, ODC movements are restricted to day hours only. Giving us an estimated travel time of 9 days. This posed a challenge as it not only increased the route time but also, affected the efficiency and safety of the cargo being delivered.

We dispatched our transport expedite team to address the situation immediately, they arranged for the special permissions documents required for ODC movement as well as lobbying the officers for longer driving hours for the day. Resulting a timely delivery without any supply chain disruption.

We understand that when a factory line comes to a halt, it could cost a fortune to the manufacturer and would be impossible to solve on their own. So, we bring Babaji Shivram’s expedite resources to cater your emergencies.