Seasoned Management & Sizable Storage for your Competitive Advantage.

With Babaji Shivram’s core principles kept in mind, we have formulated distribution frameworks to be competent, competitive and effective. Babaji Shivram’ warehouses are located across India within close proximity to all major ports and business centers.

We arrange comprehensive inventory planning and restocking to achieve optimal balance between the product’s sales and production. This reduces use of valuable management time, fixed overheads, increases efficiency and prevents overstocking and consequential surcharges in your account.

Warehousing & Distribution


Solutions that make history : Goods imported without a MRP to enhance customers supply chain!

We strive to provide remarkable solutions that not only solves the quandary but also sets these solutions as logistical landmarks. For instance, a leading cosmetics brand was in a fix over the import cost of a commodity as it was a significant percentage of the total cost. The request from the client was to reduce the overcharges occurring due to logistical inefficiency. Babaji Shivram marked the client’s issue as a primary concern and dealt it with competence and a creative approach; successfully setting a pinnacle in the market.

We proposed the concept of importing goods without a MRP label by filing a petition to the Customs Commissioner. With our persuasion, the Board of Customs and Excise permitted and suggested to place goods in a custom-bonded warehouse where we staffed the labelling and packaging of the products under the supervision of CBEC. These goods could later be custom cleared out of the warehouse when demanded. This phenomenal tweak in the system allowed to prevent high labelling cost, reduce labour costs and save customer’s interest cost.


Duty-free import of equipment with an Essentiality Certificate!

At Babaji Shivram, there has never been an orthodox system or dogmatic assertions. We adapt with ever-changing circumstances while keeping our clients’ requirements a priority always. A client from the petrochemical sector imports equipment classified as old & used. The client’s demand was to reduce its logistics cost to increase supply chain efficiency.

With thorough research and deliberation, we suggested an issuance of an Essentiality Certificate. For securing energy needs of the country, the government subsidizes and allows duty-free import of equipment from the Exploration and Production (E&P) Sector. Hence, providing certification for the same. Understanding that this provision is only for the E&P sector, we also provided the facility to keep such goods in our SEZ/FTWZ warehouses when the equipment is non-operational.

The approach reduced logistical costs of the project by avoiding export and re-import costs of the equipment, giving our client the opportunity to reallocate the savings elsewhere.